Simon A. Strauss - Paralegal / Consultant

Occupational Health & Safety Act (Ontario)

Every Employer, in accordance with Ontario law, is obligated to create and maintain an ongoing Health & Safety program. This is the basis of your compliance inder the act.

The process is often complex, frustrating, and time-consuming - as well as expensive - for emplopyers to undertake this on their own.

We developed a unique and new and cost-effective Coaching Service – to assist you on the journey to fulfill your requirements under the Act.

To Start: We will determine, through your answers to our detailed and confidential questionnaire, the program elements you already have in place, and those which you still require. This will form the basis of our coaching relationship. Use the email assistant embedded in this website ('About US' tab, above) to request your confidential questionnaire. Answer the questions and return it to us. We will review it and, once we have your 'go-ahead', we will start supplying you with the documentation and specific instructions for each needed element of your own Occupational Health & Safety program.

Based on your responses on the questionnaire we will provide you with each of the missing pieces, one at a time and in an orderly and clear fashion, to complete the list of required compliance elements. We will work at your pace, providing you with what you require. Once you have put the current element in place, we will move to the next. Some elements will integrate quickly into your workplace while others may take a little more time. We will take care not to overwhelm you.

We will provide you with our expertise and guidance on a month-to-month basis, and maintain our fees at the low cost of $140.00 (plus HST) per month. This is payable by you at the start of each month; and payments may be made by credit card, internet bank transfer, PayPal, etc.

There is no long-term contract and you are not locked in. You may terminate our coaching arrangement at any time without penalty.

Fines & Penalties for Non-Compliance

The Ministry of Labour (Ontario) administers the Occupational Health & Safety Act (and regulations). Their goal is to prevent injury and foster a safe work environment for all Ontarians, and they achieve this through inspectors who continually visit workplaces.

Inspectors will visit:

  • As part of a Provincial industry-wide inspection program
  • Upon receipt of a complaint of non-compliance
  • When requested to visit by a worker or management (or Joint Health & Safety Committee / Designated Employee)
  • When an unsafe issue is discovered
  • When a worker refuses to perform an operation that he / she considers to be unsafe
  • As a result of a serious or critical (as defined by the act) injury.
  • Or for no reason at all.

Results of the Inspector’s Visit:

  • May make recommendations
  • May issue ‘orders’, in writing, requiring improvements by a certain date.
  • May require work to stop until an unsafe operation has been corrected
  • May lay charges against one or more of the corporation, executive officer, supervisor, worker, requiring a court appearance.

Maximum fines are currently set at $500,000; but the court will determine each individual fine based on the merits of the issue. Typically fines range from $30,000 to $200,000 - in addition to legal and court costs.

Will You Be Inspected? – Ministry Inspection and Fine Statistics

  • There were over 80,000 field visits by Ontario Ministry of Labour inspectors last year
  • Over 140,000 orders were issued to employers
  • There were approximately 1000 court convictions with total fines nearing $10,000,000.
  • These numbers do not include the following:
    • Your legal costs to defend against charges in court.
    • Your business interruption while dealing with the Ministry and correcting the issue(s).
    • Make up for work time lost due to injury, stoppage, etc.

What We Will Do

Determine, through your response to the detailed questionnaire, which elements of the OH&S program you still need.

Provide you with each element, in an orderly manner – typically by email – with attachments/documentation that are personalized for your company.

Coach you as you integrate each element into your workplace.

Take your phone calls when specific questions arise.

Keep you apprised of current court cases and outcomes, allowing you to learn if and how the judgement may pertain to your workplace.

We will keep you on track as your OH&S program rolls out and you moves towards compliance.

What You Must Do – ‘This is Your Program’

You must read, understand, and integrate each element into your workplace; including (as required) posting, instructing, meeting and training of your workers / supervisors. (we will coach you in all of these areas)

You must take all reasonable / required steps to effect safety-related changes in your workplace.

Using the materials and following the instructions that we supply, together we will build your Occupational Health & Safety Program on a logical step-by-step basis.

Please Note: While the overall basics of each program are similar, each workplace has its own unique characteristics. As you become more familiar with the OH&S system (with its workplace inspections, health & safety committees, hazard recognition, etc.) you will begin to notice safety-related adjustments, unique to your workplace, which you must make. Again, we will advise and coach you through each of your unique workplace safety issues, and while you can count on our experience and best efforts in realizing your program, we cannot assume responsibility for any liabilities, error(s), or omission(s), created by your not following our suggestions and instructions.

 How To Begin:

- Send us an email using the form on the 'ABOUT US' page - tell us how many employees you have 

- We will send you the confidential check form showing the required elements (modules) based on your employee count

- Complete the form and return it to us

- Upon receipt of your initial payment we will supply you, one at a time, with each element that your form indicates that you need, complete with instructions as to how to integrate it (including your requirements to post, train, keep records, etc.)

- When you complete the integration of each element into your workplace, and your have made your subsequent monthly payment, we will send you the next element. 

- Email or phone with any questions that you may have, at the start or at anytime during the entire process. We are here to assist.